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Ben Z.
I enjoyed the course and learned a lot about the importance of safety and taking full responsibility of my actions and how to have full awareness about the surrounding all the time, thanks to the instructor Andrew. The driving also is great.
N. H.
In-class was great, they taught things I wouldn't have learnt on my own. In-car was even better. I had no prior driving experience, but the teacher was very understanding and helped a lot.
Alexis R.
Maurice was a great teacher and was very thorough when explaining things.
Riley S.
The in-class and in-car lessons were awesome and extremely helpful! It definitely is a big confident booster to those who need some extra help with their driving skills. 10/10. Highly Recommend.
C. K.
Drivers-Ed helped me become a better driver. The in-class teacher was very nice and so was the in-car instructor.
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