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Frequently Asked Questions

Is D.T.S.M. Driving School a Ministry-Approved BDE Program Provider?

  • Yes, D.T.S.M. Driving School is a Ministry-Approved Beginner Driver Education (BDE) Program Provider.

Will I get a MTO certificate to apply for an insurance discount, and take my driving test four months earlier if I attend your driving school?

  • The M.T.O. changed the certification in the fall of 2008. Students who enrolled in a Beginner Driver Education Program (BDE) on or after September 29, 2008, will not be issued a paper certificate from the driving school. Students who have completed all components of the program will be certified online by D.T.S.M. Driving School.
  • Students wanting proof of course completion for possible insurance discounts will need to obtain their Driver Licence History (DLH) search for proof of Beginner Driver Education program completion. This is done by request at any Ministry of Transportation (MTO) licence office. The DLH search can only be requested by the licence holder, as it contains personal information. A separate application must be completed and signed by each applicant. The MTO charges $12.00 for the search, subject to change.

Will I get an insurance discount if I attend your driving school?

  • The DLH provides proof of successful completion and graduation from a BDE course and is widely recognized by the insurance industry as proof of program completion. As an approved BDE program provider, our BDE graduates with a DLH may be eligible for an insurance discount. Contact your insurance provider for more information. To obtain the DLH, go to any Service Ontario location and request the search.

Paying for the program, how does that work?

  • Half is due on registration, and the other half is due when the student starts their in-vehicle training.

I've heard of people using the instructor's car for the test. Would this be an additional package?

  • We do have road test packages available at an additional cost. The in-vehicle instructor will evaluate the student, and if they feel they are ready, they will release their vehicle for the road test day. However, if they think the student needs more practice, they have the right to withdraw the vehicle for the road test.

Can I take my in-vehicle driving lessons closer to my road test eligible date?

  • Yes, you can book you in-vehicle lessons closer to your eligibility date for the road test. Just keep in mind, the MTO books six to eight weeks in advance and who knows what the backlog will be when they re-open.
  • Note: You have one year to complete your program from the start date of your online classes

How long do I have to wait once I get my G1 license before I can go for my G2 road test?

  • You can go for your G2 test eight months after you get your G1 license as long as you have completed your driving school course. If you do not complete the driver’s ed course, you will have to wait 12 months after you get your G1 before you are allowed to do your G2 road test.

What happens to my program in the wake of COVID-19 with the current social distancing measures?

  • The in-vehicle lessons will take place/resume once social distancing measures have been lifted and we along with the MTO allowed to re-open.

My current program is nearly expiring, and I can't finish the in-vehicle lessons/ start them because all in-vehicle lessons have been suspended due to COVID-19, what can I do?

  • We have received an email confirmation from the MTO that they will be extending programs, to what extent is not known. Still, we will know more from them once social distancing measures are lifted, and we are along with the MTO are allowed to re-open.

I have missed several in-class sessions, when can I make-up my few remaining in-class sessions again?

  • You will have to wait until we are re-open. At that time, we will let you know when the replacement classes will commence. There will be limited times, dates and locations available.

I have already started driver's ed with D.T.S.M., can I switch my course progression and what I have completed up to now and apply that as credit towards the online course?

  • The online course is entirely new, and any existing course participation (class sessions/homework) that had been done before the COVID-19 shut down will not count towards the online course, i.e. the day or evening classes that have taken place.
  • There will be an additional cost to switch to the online program.

What system do you use to provide the materials to students online?

  • The system is a digital interactive program, where students take the course at their own pace, there are no set schedules of classes to participate in. Also, there are no Zoom calls or video conferencing technology; instead, the videos we have are pre-recorded to the material covered.

Is there anyone to help me during my online program if I need any assistance?

  • Yes, there is a digital online instructor available to assist in the needs of our students.

Do I need a G1 license to start the online driver education program?

  • No, you can begin the online driver’s ed program without having a G1 license. However, you will need to have your G1 license to start your in-vehicle lessons.

How long do I have to complete the program?

  • Under the MTO guidelines, you have one year less a day (364 Days) to complete the full beginner driver education program.
  • 20 Hours of Online Course Theory
  • 10 Hours of Online Homework
  • 10 Hours of Private In-Vehicle Lessons